In this blog post we are going to look at the different types of crime control security out there and how you can best utilize them to keep yourself, business, and loved ones safe.  With Portland Oregon having a higher than normal property crime rate, it is best to take a quick words of advice to help in your security, no matter what type it is.

Portland Oregon Crime Control Security

Home Crime Control Security For Portland Oregon

This would be having security located in your local residence.  The best type of preventative security would be placing real and fake cameras around your property, this would be a large deterrent to keep criminals from wanting to criminalize your place.  Secondly having some sort of self defense item in your residency would be great.  Finally it is always best to have a local security company take the time to give your house a look over and give tips to improving your homes security.

Business Crime Control Security For Portland Oregon

This is the type of security people use to keep their businesses safe.  To start you should once again have cameras located on the outside, and inside of your business.  This will help deter crime and help the authorities if any sort of crime occurs.  You need some sort of armored transport for your cash deposits as this will help keep your companies revenues safe.  Have some sort of insurance to help pay for any damages done.  Have some sort of fake til with marked bills.  Have a security office inside of the business.  Finally hiring a local security companies to help analyze your companies vulnerable crime control security points is best.

These are the 2 main type of Crime Control security people are after. In conclusion if you are a Home Owner or A Business Owner you should look into Picking the best Portland Oregon Security Company to help yourself, your business, or your loved ones.