Portland Security Services Employment Application

Are you looking to join the world of Portland Oregon Security Services? Corporate Crime Control is always looking for more members to join our exciting team. We always offer a competitive salaries and have a reputation that has created repeat clientele for years. Keep on reading and you will see why you want to work with us, and why people stay with the best of the best in the security services field.

With around 60 employees and still slammed we are the perfect place for those after a job in the Portland security service industry. Our clients range from high end politicians.  To important VIPs that need a professional escort.  To legal work for multiple states.  Our reputation is unmatched when it comes to the Security Services Field

When you work with Corporate Crime Control we like to think of it as start to a long term endeavor.  You will be trusted with the lives of safety of not only the person(s) you are assigned to but your fellow employees too.  We always strive to have the upmost professionalism for our employees, from the attitude you present, to the clothes you wear, an employee of Corporate Crime Control is not only serving a job, but giving off a vibe that they have the situation under control no matter what problem arises.

We give preferential treatment to applications with the following skills:

  • Previous Security Employment

  • Security Services Training

  • A clean criminal background

  • Ability for quick thinking

  • Able to carry a concealed weapon

  • Training in hand to hand combat

  • Previous military experience

  • Previous work in anything relating to security

  • Protecting Portland’s VIP Clients

  • Transporting VIP Items

  • Loss Prevention Work

  • Staff Training and Security