Portland Security Services Employment Application


Corporate Crime Control Association is a small, locally owned and operated private investigation and protective service provider that has been in operation since 1992 CCCA offers specialized armed and unarmed security solutions throughout the Portland metro area to protect commercial businesses, retail establishments and other high valuable assets. Aside from our standard security contracts CCCA employs individuals with specialized experience and training to be part of our S.A.U. (Special Assignment Unit) Officers within our S.A.U. perform a variety of specialized protective service assignments to include but not limited to; Executive protection, Workplace violence operations, media protection, hostile terminations and Emergency response assignments. Because of our tenure in the industry and stellar reputation we are growing in the Pacific Northwest and can use some additional professionals. Interested candidates must meet the following requirements. If you do not possess the following please do not send your resume as you would not meet the criteria for employment.


• Must be currently Oregon DPSST armed or unarmed certified


• Must work well under pressure and maintain composure at all times even during stressful situations
• Must be able to exercise good judgment when dealing with the public as well those with mental health issues
• Must own reliable transportation and have an active phone number
• Must have verifiable experience
• Must be willing to work a variety of shift including weekends, nights and Holidays
• Must take pride in their personal appearance, uniform presence and the profession


We give preferential treatment to applications with the following skills:

Officer Gioia
  • Previous Security Employment

  • Security Services Training

  • A clean criminal background

  • Ability for quick thinking

  • Able to carry a concealed weapon

  • Training in hand to hand combat

  • Previous military experience

  • Previous work in anything relating to security

  • Protecting Portland’s VIP Clients

  • Transporting VIP Items

  • Loss Prevention Work

  • Staff Training and Security

Then email our hiring manager your resume and application at cccajoshhaywood@gmail.com

Working for Corporate Crime Control

When you work with Corporate Crime Control, we like to think of it as start to a long-term endeavor. You will be trusted with the lives of safety of not only the person(s) you are assigned to but your fellow employees too. We always strive to have the upmost professionalism for our employees, from the attitude you present, to the clothes you wear, an employee of Corporate Crime Control is not only serving a job, but letting those around them know that they have the situation under control no matter problem, concern or crisis arises. To us “It’s A Matter of Pride.”

“This company is one of the last remaining security companies that act with honor, integrity, and diligence. In such a fast-paced industry, so many other companies opt to cut corners or do wrong by their employees to survive. This company lives by enabling their employees to work effectively, providing professionalism while satisfying clients, and making the moral decisions instead of cutting corners.”

“Corporate Crime Control Association really has it all. They also handle the most diverse clientele out of any professional company in Oregon. Making them prepared and understanding to clients’ evolving needs.”