We are not the best because we are the oldest. We are the oldest because we are the best

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Since 1992 Corporate Crime Control Association has been quietly and professionally providing a tailored approach to both investigative and security requests. Our mission is to provide precise and robust protective services to our security clients as well as a dedicated team of professionals with diverse skill-sets and specialized training and experience to provide the very best investigative services available in the Northwest. We are not the best because we are the oldest. We are the oldest because we are the best!


“The event went very well!!! The evening was lovely, and everything went off without any issues. So we are very happy. Your team was really great. Yonty was awesome with Kristin, and Drew and John were wonderful to have handling the needs for the rest of our event. All 3 were very accommodating, professional, and fantastic to work with. We very much appreciated having them, and look forward to working with you in the future!”

– Jordan Cole-Rehfeldt

Special Events Manager – Hampton Opera Center – Portland Opera

“Thank you so very much for all of your help during our first season of filming the Netflix production of “Everything Sucks!”. With your help we created a visually beautiful and (mostly) accurate 1990s TV show, which is no small feat! When the challenges of filming this seemingly simple show arose, you helped us find solutions quickly and with good humor. We appreciate everything you do for us and hope we get to work with you again soon!!”

– Dan Enson

Production of “Everything Sucks” – Netflix, Production Manager

“Thank you for your help in Beaverton, Oregon, as I seek a second-term as the 43rd President of the United States. With your support, we are laying the groundwork for a strong nationwide effort as we face a close election this year.

For the past three-and-a-half years, my administration has set clear objectives and provided steady leadership despite adversity, challenge, and historic change in America. There is no doubt where this administration stands on our Nation’s priorities and Vice President Cheney and I are ready with a positive and hopeful agenda to lead America forward for another four years.”

– George W. Bush

43rd President of the United States of America

“On February 18, 1998, you developed information regarding a large shoplifting operation in the downtown area of Portland. After reviewing the information you provided, a large undercover operation was started which lasted several months. The investigation centered on small downtown grocery stores whose owners and or employees purchases items they knew were stolen. Some of the businesses would provide the shoplifters with a shopping list of items they wanted stolen. The information you provided and the following investigation resulted in the arrest of 11 suspects, 141 indictments and the closure of 8 grocery stores for trafficking stolen property.”

– Larry Findling

Commander – Central Precinct Portland Police Bureau

“Thank you for your cooperation with the Portland Police Bureau in curtailing a shoplifting ring in 1998. I appreciate you volunteering your time and your expertise to assist the Bureau. The City of Portland is a better place because of your work with the PPB.

With warm regards,

Vera Katz”

– Vera Katz

Mayor – City of Portland

“It’s a Matter of Pride ”

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