About Us


Nestled within the vintage antique shops and historic buildings and homes in Aurora, Oregon (Aurora Colony) just 30 minutes from bustling downtown Portland is the unassuming headquarters of Corporate Crime Control Association a beautiful historic home with a white picket fence which resembles more of a museum than office. One step inside our office and it takes you back in time to the 1950s and an old set of a dime store novel detective’s office. Guests and clients are immersed with images of Sam Spade sitting behind his desk drinking coffee with a little drop of whiskey mulling over his current case. Our office pays homage to the history of our industry and the detectives who have paved the way for our careers in private investigations. But don’t let this modest office fool you Corporate Crime Control Association has been locally owned and operated since 1992. We have a strong commitment to our community and offer a personal, professional and discreet service that is unparalleled in the industry. Our clients have come to know the difference between the old security services of the past and the protective services we provide today. We live in a different world and today’s criminal issues and difficulties need to be handled in a very different way.

CCCA has become Oregon’s premiere full-service investigative, protective service and training provider. Our high standards, latest investigative methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and our acclaimed distinction and reputation in how we effectively address security issues and investigations give us the distinction of being the best. We are highly disciplined professionals, dedicated to exceed your expectations by taking the time to evaluate your needs and follow through with the personal attention you deserve. We have a full staff of dedicated investigators and over forty uniform officers who are committed to solving cases and clients problems.

Our agency is comprised of a highly regarded, professional and experienced staff. At the CCCA we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We treat our clients with the best possible service, respect, understanding and discretion. We will be up front with you about what your options are, what services we recommend for your situation, and most importantly what not to spend your time and resources on. In short we will provide you with cost effective solutions.

At CCCA we offer an approach that most companies cannot offer. We provide a team based approach to solving our client’s problems. This is achieved by our reputation in the industry and the myriad of professional experts who chose to work with us. This allows us the ability to draw from multi-levels of experience to provide excellent results to our clients. At the CCCA our reputation is our strength.