Corporate Crime Control Association developed Mission Critical Training Group to provide introductory and advanced continuing education training for our employees and other licensed individuals as well. MCTG instructs the techniques, concepts and methodologies of conducting Private Investigations, Protective Services and Law Enforcement with a variety of specialized courses.

Everyone has the ability to benefit from our results driven training programs. Our Instructor cadre has been training law enforcement, military and private citizens for well over two decades. All of our instructors are street veterans with decades of real world experience, who bring everything to life through classroom instruction as well as hands on field work. Not only do we provide a fascinating multi-media classroom experience we take our attendees to the streets allowing them the opportunity to utilize what they have learned in the class and apply it to practical scenarios. We have learned over the years that this form of training allows our attendees to retain much more than they would in other training environments. We want to ensure that our protective service officer are the most well trained in the industry and we take this seriously. At Mission Critical Training Group we believe in “Training for Life.”

  • Tactical Medical

  • Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Protector I (Specialized Security Operations)

  • Executive Protection

  • Gun Fighting I II III

  • Ground Combative

  • Handcuffing

  • Tactical Communication

  • Locate/Background Services
  • Urban Combatives

  • High Risk Operations


  • Variety of Specialized Classes